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About MountainEquipment



Mountain Equipment of New Mexico, Inc. sells sand separators for oil and gas well testers, flow-back, service companies, and end-user operators. Our area of expertise is high pressure, from 1440 psi to 10,000 psi.

We’re a veteran and 3rd generation family-owned and operated company with roots in well testing that go back to 1980. Since 1998 we’ve been refurbishing, completing, and selling oilfield equipment, with a focus on sand traps. Designs are based on our experience and customer input and feedback; this has resulted in robust, easy-to-use equipment that will provide years of service.

In 2014 we began building our own vessel fabrication company, called Dura-Strong. It supplies the ASME pressure vessels that we complete and test to customer specification.

Our facilities are located in Deming, New Mexico, USA.

DuraStrong 10000 psi ASME cyconic sand separators


10000 psi Cyclonic Sand Separator For Sale

24″ x 8′ x 10,000 psi MAWP skidded vertical cyclonic sand separator with 3″ 1502 connections. ASME and NACE certified. -20 to 200F. 6000 BBL/D […]

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1mm x 10K Line Heater_03


10000 up X 3000 down X 1 MM BTU Line Heater For Sale

10,000 psi x 1 MM BTU Skidded Line Heater: $29,900 (built 2014). Skidded 1 million BTU water-bath (indirect) line heater. 10,000 psi skidded line heater […]

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8 inch Daniel Sr ANSI 300_01


8″ ANSI 300 Daniel Senior For Sale

Refurbished 8″ 300# Daniel Sr. with O rings and some orifice plates. Fresh paint. Very good condition, stored indoors. Reduced to $5000 from $6500. Ready […]

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Filter Separator For Sale 1422 psi, 7 socks

20″ x 10′ 1422 psi filter separator with 7 sock type filters (1 micron). ASME with U1A. Excellent condition, never used. $9000

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12 inch Daniel Sr ANSI 300_02


Super-sized Daniel Senior For Sale

12″ x 300# ANSI Condition: very good condition. Clean and stored indoors Price: was $9,900 now $8500 for the 12″ meter. Includes new O rings […]

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