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Listings for Downhole Equipment (15)



Memory Battery Housing

Memory logging toolstrings are run on slickline or coiled tubing and do not have electrical power fed from surface Instead they require their power to […]

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Caged Fullbore Flowmeter (6ARM CFBM)

The tool has a six arm, spring-loaded cage that centres the spinner in the middle of the flow and supports tool weight in deviated wells. […]

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Spectral Gamma Ray Tool

The SGR tool measures the naturally occurring radioactivity of the formation surrounding the tool and outputs the results as a gross gamma ray curve. By […]

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The basket of the DBT acts to reduce flow cross-sectional area, allowing measurements in very low fluid velocities. In multi-phase fluids, the tool minimises the […]

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Fingers for MITs

Spare Fingers for MIT 24finger, 40 fingers and 60 finger

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Addressable Downhole Switch and Addressable Downhole Switch Panel

The Addressable Downhole Switch (ADS) electrically connects or isolates the toolstring beneath it, as instructed by the surface panel (ADSP). It provides a barrier to […]

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Casing Collar Locator

As the tool passes a collar, or changes in metal volume, lines of magnetic flux between two opposing permanent magnets are disturbed. This causes a […]

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Extended finger Upgrade Kits

Upgrade kits from standard finger to extended finger. Available for MIT 24 finger, 40 finger and 60 finger.

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Enhanced Capacitance Water Holdup

Borehole fluid enters a hollow tube that surrounds an insulated rod at the centre. The tube wall and the insulated rod form the electrodes of […]

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Production Springbow Centraliser

An electrical feedthrough enables the tool to be used at any point in the string. In open hole completed wells the springs enable smooth passage […]

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Addressable Release Tool and Panel

The ADR is recommended whenever there is a risk that wireline tools or guns may become stuck downhole. Typical applications include wireline interventions in deviated […]

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Continuous Flowmeter Spinner (CFSM)

The spinner is mounted on precision roller bearings and turns as fluid passes by, this rotation is converted to signal pulses by zero drag Hall […]

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Complete Thru-Tubing Division For Sale**NEEDS TO BE SOLD ASAP!!

Complete Thru Tubing division for sale. Estimated value $409,474.18. Need to sell these motors quick. Company has been sold and we need to move them […]

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Noise Tool

A leaking well can damage the environment and result in lost production. The NTO houses, a sensitive hydrophone that is highly effective in the detection […]

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Continuous Flowmeter Jewelled (CFJM)

The Jewelled Bearing Continuous Flowmeter is run at the bottom of the production logging string in combination with a Capacitance/Temperature/ Flow tool or CFJ Electronics […]

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