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Manufacturing of Oilfield related Products and Tanks

The oil and gas industry generates tremendous capital for countries such as the USA, Russia, China, the middle east, etc. For this industry to flourish, operations, setup, and equipment must be exceptional. Because oil extraction is a rough process and crude oil is flammable, the storage process needs special attention to prevent incidents. OEMs that manufacture oilfield-related products align with developments in the oil and gas industry to ensure that the extraction and storage process is as secure as possible. What are Oil Storage Tanks? Oil storage tanks are used as staging places to gather crude oil throughout production. These tanks store oil before delivery to tankers or pipelines. Storage tanks also store crude oil before and after it is refined. Although storage tanks have a standard design and operation throughout the industry, they are useful for multiple applications. Oil storage tanks' design and construction are determined by their intended function a…
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Large Scale Oil Extraction

Large Scale Oil Extraction   Oil is important for the economies of many countries as millions of tons of oil are extracted daily. Extracting oil efficiently is essential for the continuous operations in the oil field. The oil demand never ceases, and to fuel that demand, finding and extracting oil is a 24/7, seven days a week, 365 days a year job. There are so many roles and processes that go into extraction and production with thousands of people contributing to bringing one barrel of oil to the market.   Drilling down into the ground initiates the process. Extracting oil can be a dangerous process, though it is made safer and faster through fracking. Though fracking in simple terms is just using pressure (any type - water/oil/some other fluid) to crack through the rocks, making passage for the oil to come out, it is still very new in the market (given the oil extraction has been going on for centuries). Before fracking was widely used, oil wells were dug…
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