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How Can the Oil and Gas Industry Improve Its Project Management

The oil and gas industry has drastically changed in the past decade. The vast majority of Earth’s oil and gas deposits have been already uncovered years ago while modern-day technologies allowed us to mine them faster than ever. The resources are rapidly becoming scarcer while finding a decent team of engineers is challenging for a number of reasons. Even so, there are ways to improve the governing aspect of any project if one knows what to look for. Today we’ll talk about how can the oil and gas industry companies and their employees improve their project management skills and execution, so let’s dive in. Redefined contracts and forms The first area where oil and gas industry managers are lacking is contractual in nature. According to dr. William Wallace, most contractor companies actually know very little about contract laws, which combined with the interest of protecting their prospects oftentimes leads to disaster. The first way to improve the efficiency of applie…
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List of Oil and Gas Recruitment Companies

List of Oil and Gas Recruitment Companies, we did the work so you don't have too. List of emails so you can send your CV/Resume and links to job boards . Quick Easy way to get your information out . If you are a Oil and Gas Recuirment Company and would like to get your information listed please email all your contact to . FrontLine 1980 POST OAK BOULEVARD, #1500 HOUSTON, TEXAS 77056 (713) 960-6300 HOUSTON.OILGAS@FRTLINE.COM Professional Business Services, Inc. 807 G Street, Suite 200 Anchorage, AK 99501 Telephone: (907) 279-7679 Facsimile: (907) 276-5758 Murray Resources 800 Gessner Road, Suite 170 Houston, Texas 77024 713.935.0009 Kaye/Bassman AirSwift Offices in Houston, Denver, Midland and Ancho…
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Using your Natural Gas in the Oilfield to create Power To the Grid

Using Natural Gas Generators to Power a Grid When it comes to backup generators, both diesel and natural gas generators are well-known for being used in a variety of applications to provide backup power to businesses and facilities in the event of power outage or even serve as the primary source of power for operations and applications that take place off the main power grid, but what about using natural gas generators to serve as a remote or temporary power grid? Why Natural Gas Generators? Natural gas generators make a great solution for grid applications, because out of all the current alternative power solutions available (alternative meaning not part of the main power grid), these generators are one of the most reliable sources of constant power. Depending on build and configuration, natural gas generators can run in continuous or prime applications to act as a primary power supply and kW output can be added to meet power requirements by running generators in parallel. …
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