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In today’s Oilfield equipment market, everyone is searching for the best priced quality and functional used equipment. If you have used or new equipment, oilfield leases for sale, or services this is time to list them for sale .We talked with a client and after thirty –five years he had two weeks of operating cash.We are all in the same boat, it’s a very tough market.

Post your used Oilfield Equipment for sale with one easy click.  All that said there are prospective buyers that will pay you more than the going price. Let us help you find the perfect buyer for your oilfield equipment, services or leases.

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Why Advertise your Oilfield Equipment For Sale with us :

  1. If you don’t list it you can’t sell it!
  2. Our network of brokers, dealers, manufactures, operators, service providers. We can get your equipment in front of the companies that’s still buying!
  3. We are top ranked in Google searches for Oilfield Equipment For Sale .
  4. Most economical Oil Industry Classified site on the web . Some of these sites are charging $175.00 per ad .
  5. We are also willing to help you upload hundreds of listings at one time, free of charge.

Benefits of Advertising with Oilpatch Surplus:

  1.  Targeted Oil Industry Traffic for your Equipment and Website .
  2.  Back links  to your site which will help your websites ranking on the search engines.
  3.  Increased Inventory Turn over

Here’s  what some of our customers have to say :

I use Oilpatch Surplus on a regular basis to sell oilfield equipment and
 even to look for equipment to buy.

It has been a great resource for my company. I’ve had regular inquiries
 and just received my first order recently selling a Natural Gas Engine .

Great advertising investment and gets my equipment to the top of internet rankings.

We have attached it to our email signature, so every email I have a chance for someone to take a look.

Definitely worth the money!

Lanny Heathcock
 Spring Gas Compression, Inc.


Just wanted to let you know that one of the compressor units we had listed on Oilpatch Surplus sold.  The 4125 with 425 Ford, a guy from  Kansas bought it.

 Your Oilpatch site works !



   Coulson Compression and Measurement Co. LTD

We just sold our used 30 HP Quincy 4125 compressor unit to a Tulsa outfit who transported it from Kentucky to Texas. Everyone went away very satisfied.

Thanks also to Oil Patch Surplus, who got the word out; they've been great to work with.

Jerry Picker

Cimco Energy, LLC

Oilpatch Suplus Site worked for me , I sold my pump jack in about 40 days . They even help arrange for transportation to the buyer.



AP Production

I had a natural gas compressor sitting around for while. Decided to try Oilpatch and months later I got a call from a interested buyer . The guy came up to

Michigan and picked up the compressor within days .

Thanks for all the help selling my equipment


Harbor Pipe

Steve thanks for lead  , I was able to sell my pump jack to the guy you recommended within a week .He showed up on a Sunday and loaded it within 30 minutes down the road he went. You made it very easy ,thanks again for all your help . I owe you one !

B. Price

We had an electric compressor worth $85,000 that we could not find a buyer for.  Oilpatch site was the solution for us.  They found a company that needed it and things were simple and easy from that point forward.   Got what we were looking for without having to turn our attention away from running our business.  We recommend Oilpatch Surplus .


Jim A


West Virginia
Steve thank you very much for your help selling the frac tanks . It has been a pleasure working with you .
Thanks Dan @ DL Trailers
The Oil Patch Surplus website listed and advertised our two compressors as described entirely.  In about seven months after the listing I fielded several positive inquires with the last ending with a "sold sign".  The last inquiry ended with a site visit, equipment inspection and final agreement.  I believe the Oil Patch Surplus site got the information out and made contact to the right people

Thank You, 
Adam @ Patriot Exploration 

If there is a resource out there where you can post for free, there’s no catch, has a ton of back links, back links back to your site, and even has options for you to guest blog on, you gotta jump on it!

Also, getting a consistent verified referral is just SEO & analytical gold. Especially considering that our back links on your site means that we are working with a website that has decent domain authority.

Of course, the back links will definitely play a huge role in all that. Listing our inventory for free with no catch and expanding our reach is just a huge bonus.

I’m looking forward to seeing some results and working with you for sure.



Hi Steve,

I’m glad that you reached out to me.  I sold the Crown 1000 rig that I had posted for sale on your website!

I’m sure that we would both benefit from good PR.  Towards that end, could you mark “SOLD by”  in big bold letters across the ad…or however you can accomplish that? 

A British firm found the ad the first week it was put up back in January, immediately emailed me, came to America a few weeks ago to view the rig, and just consummated the sale today.  In a few weeks I’ll oversee the tear-down and shipping  of the rig to the Port of Balitmore for shipment to England. 

So, I am living proof that your website works for selling major pieces of equipment!

If its okay with you, in the next two weeks I want to come back and put more drilling rigs and related equipment for sale on your website. 

Thanks for hosting a great industry website.

If I can help you with anything, please feel free to call me anytime.

Best Regards,


Hi Steve,

Just wanted to let you know we have been having pretty good success selling equipment through your site. Our ad visits are numerous and we get frequent inquiries from people across the US.

Thanks a lot. Your service has been great!

Justin /Eagle Oilfield Services Ltd. Arcola, Sk.

Please call or email us for any questions or 337-453-5899

If your a manufacture or dealer with multiple pieces of equipment contact us for a trial !