About Me

Leger Industries started as a contract operating company in 1998, offering gas plant, oil battery, gathering system and well operating services.

Our measurement packages use separators designed by a genius from Chevron; our premium packages contain a V-Cone meter, Coriolis meter, turbine meter, HART smart level control, HART pressure and temperature transmitters & and Wireless HART instrumentation for casing and tubing pressure, tank monitoring and more.

We offer many options to best fit for your requirements from cutting edge cloud based flow measurement to the analog chart recorder, we have you covered.

All units are zero emission, fluid may be to be produced to a tank or injected back into the pipeline to avoiding fluid hauling.

Through much research, we have developed an open source Industrial IOT platform (DeviceSQL) which allows Microsoft SQL Server with Real Time Intelligence to speak naively to any device, including Distributed Control Systems, Programmable Logic Controllers, Remote Terminal Units, and Electronic Flow Meters. With this technology we are able to provide our customers with a cost-effective means of testing & optimizing wells and facilities with our high performance, open source artificial intelligence platform.

Real time data (up to 100ns data resolution) is available through your choice of Windows Azure, MPLS, VPN, leased line, PSTN or public internet using Microsoft Tabular Data Stream Protocol. Our data is also available to Microsoft Office 365 users in Power BI, PowerApps, SharePoint, Word, Visio, Excel, Access and Skype (for our optional SHD camera system).