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Here’s how Wolfberry Mfg., LLLP is able to make such high-quality steel tanks
25,000 Square Foot – State of the art steel tank production facility
Numeric Control Horizontal Plate Roller – 10’ wide by 9/16” thick capacity
CNC Plasma Cutter – 16’ x 8’ capacity
21’ x 12’ Welding Manipulator
10’ x 10’ Welding Manipulator
Arc path Trebuchet Manipulator
17’ Diameter custom rotating/tilt weld positioner for precision deck assembly
17’ Diameter fixed jig for precision bottom assembly
10 acre yard

Our steel tanks are manufactured to strict quality controls with A-36, 1/4” or 3/16″ steel. Our steel tanks are seamlessly welded interior and exterior to API 12F specification and pressure testing.

Using automated seam trackers and fixed jig rollers Wolfberry Mfg., LLLP is able to consistently manufacture high-quality production steel tanks.

Visit Our Steel Tank Production Facility located in West Texas

2293 N HWY 137
Stanton Texas