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Calf thick girls wearing boots is good-looking, but to choose suitable learning, the preferred boots are boots, such boots can cover the legs well, especially black boots are the most suitable, paint boots can optimize the fade curve, it is worth trying.

Boots over the knee boots, of course, have to say that one of the most hot, when the leg type boots. Usually for girls with thick calf muscles, they will choose black to look thin, and over the knee boots can well connect the upper part of the knee with the lower part of the knee, so that it looks straight and thin.
Half boots just add muscle leg muscle Dog clothing Plus Size fashion Kitchen Tools Cheap Corset Bustier tops maternity dresses part cover, good to play the role of the front leg thin usually choose darker color, can be very good for the leg modification, so that the calf looks not so thick.Ankle boots transfer when the most obvious leg length and slimming shoes