About Me

•Hanson tank was established in 1932.
•Plants are (3) blocks from Interstate 10, near the East Los Angeles Freeway Interchange.
•Plants have ASME code stamps and National Board inspectors.
•All quality assurance testing/treatments are locally available.
•Freight carriers such as truck, ship and rail are available for expeditious shipment of vessels.
•Plant No. 3 maintains hundreds of heads in stock, in various styles, sizes and thickness, also assuring quick lead times.
•Hanson tank manufactures over 15,000 pressure vessels each year, with sales in excess of $10 million, making us one of the largest tank manufacturers in the Western United States.
•Unless otherwise requested, all tanks are manufactured to Section VIII, Division 1 or Section IV, HLW of the ASME code, and are hydrotested before shipping.
•We also have the capabilities of manufacturing to other standards such as: U.S. Coastguard, American Bureau of Shipping, Lloyds of
London, American Petroleum Institute, and others.
•Manufacturing capabilities diameter: 12 ft.- 1 in. max ., length: 50ft. max., weight: 100’000 lbs. Max., material thickness: 2.5 in.max., or to your needs
•In addition to our capabilities in carbon steel, we also can satisfy your requirements for vessels made of stainless steel.