The Importance of Facility Safety Inspections

Mock OSHA Facility Inspections Save Worker Lives & Millions in Lost Profit

When an explosion occurred in a plant in Corrigan, Texas, severely burning a man, it took four years for the courts to make their decision. When they did, the verdict was staggering.  The court awarded the plaintiff $39.7 million for pain and suffering.

It was April 26, 2014 when Ralph Figgs’ life changed forever. He was working at a Georgia-Pacific plant when a dust collection system failed, causing the explosion that permanently injured Figgs, killed two of his fellow workers, and injured several others.

In all, three companies were held at fault. Along with Georgia-Pacific, a company called Aircon Inc., which designed and installed the dust collection unit, as well as GreCon Inc., the company that manufactures the spark suppression system, were held liable for the accident.

Just some of the issues that arose during the trial were failure to perform proper safety inspections as well as employees not being properly trained in emergency procedures concerning the dust collection system.


Why Companies Need to Prioritize Proactive “Mock” OSHA Inspections

Facility safety inspections are a vital component in preventing workplace injury, illness and even death.

Thorough inspections by qualified safety personnel help identify potential hazards before an accident occurs and corrective action can become the difference between life and death. By heading off problems before they arise, not only does it create a safer work environment for employees, but it also can save the company from financial ruin.

Our qualified inspectors know what to look for and where something is most likely to develop into unsafe or unhealthy conditions because of stress, wear, impact, vibration, heat, corrosion, chemical reaction, ventilation or misuse.

In addition to work areas, locker rooms, rest areas, storage rooms, and parking lots are included during the inspection as these are places where workers have a tendency to let their guard down, sometimes resulting in debilitating slip-and-fall scenarios, among other accidents.

It is also important to not only inspect the equipment, but also to observe how the worker interacts with the equipment during the workday.

A good safety inspection doesn’t necessarily mean a stop in production as many times the inspector will observe a normal work day. Often the inspector will share concerns and questions with workers who use the equipment every day, creating a collaboration to arrive at the best course of action.


Set up a Mock OSHA Inspection with Certified Safety Professionals

For companies that are subjected to periodic OSHA inspections that can result in hefty fines when something isn’t up to code, having a pre-inspection done by us can also be an invaluable tool.

Failure to conduct forklift inspections, fire extinguisher inspections, having tripping hazards (slips/trips/falls), poor housekeeping, missing protective guards, blocked emergency exits and more can add up to large violations.

But by listening to the concerns of supervisors and employees, learning more about job tasks and goals, identifying potential problems and putting a plan in place to address the continued safety of employees, the long-term health and success of a company can be ensured.

If you are unsure where to start and would like more information, contact us here and ask for a facility inspection example.

April 9, 2019 7:28 am

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