Staying Relevant During a Oil Industry Down-Turn

When an industry is in a down-turn, companies start thinking of ways to save money.  It comes with the territory.  All of us in the oil and gas industry are dealing with this right now.  The first budget cuts are usually made to advertising and marketing.  But did you know that cutting back on advertising is actually one of the worst things you can do for your company?

Sure, you’re saving money in the short-term, but it’s not benefiting you in the long run.  Just because an industry is in a down-turn, doesn’t mean that consumers magically disappear and go away.  They’re still there and they’re more selective than ever.  They’re going to be looking for alternative companies to do business with as companies are closing their doors and going out of business.  The oil and gas industry is slowing, but it’s not stopping.  The existing wells and rigs are still going to need parts, supplies and services.

The consumers are going to be shopping around and looking for ways to save money.  It’s in your best interest to keep your name in front of the consumer!  You’ll want to stand out from the competition.  Do you want to be remembered or forgotten?

When the industry does turn back around, who will the consumer be more likely to buy from?  YOU!  Because you never went away.

The wonderful thing about Don’s Directory is that we make it possible for you to save money while still keeping your name out there.  We offer advertising options that aren’t going to “break you” and spend your entire budget in one shot.  We are the cost-efficient way for your company to stay relevant.  For more information on our advertising options, please visit our website at

July 6, 2015 1:46 pm

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