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Name: Warrior Top Drive 250H14HR For Sale
Code: 22028952
Type: Standard
Brand: Warrior
Category: Drilling Equipment
subcategory: Top-Drives
Price: $450,000.00
Unit: Each
In Stock: Yes
Location: West Texas
Condition: Very Good
Short Description: Year of Manufacture: 2011

Warrior Top Drive 250H14HR
Warrior is a manufacturer of technically advanced, fully automated pipe handling equipment. We design and manufacture rig components including top drives (both electric and hydraulic), automated tubular tongs (iron roughnecks), drawworks (AC & hydraulic), and we repair, service and remanufacture equipment. At the core of Warrior is a group of talented and experienced top drive engineering, operations, and service personnel.

Warrior is certified with API Q1 (Q1-3940) and ISO 9001 (4791).

Warrior’s hydraulic Top Drive lines has proven to be a reliable asset for the customers operating them. With over 130 units in over 20 different countries around the world, Warrior’s hydraulic Top Drives are proven to get the job done.

Warrior Top Drive 250H14HR For Sale
Warrior manufactures hydraulic top drives ranging from 110 to 350 tons. The following are some of the proprietary design and/or unique features of the Warrior Top Drive.

• Floating quill; internal axial movement of the quill provides for soft stabbing and protection of the top drive during rough drilling (replaces the need for a cushion shock sub).
• Direct drive motor; Warrior’s hydraulic top drives use a through-bore direct drive motor (there are no mechanical gears between the top drive motor and quill). This eliminates a transmission within the top drive which adds weight and is generally a higher maintenance item. Also, with a direct drive, the torque of the motor is applied directly to the quill (no power losses as in gear drives). This provides for high torque capabilities in a more compact package.
• 360 degree pipe handling system is available on certain models.
• Advanced hydraulic system for motor protection on the top drive including a fail-safe manifold to prevent motor backspin from downhole torque (controlled de-torque of the drill string) and an accumulator system to protect the motor during rough drilling conditions.
• Independent hydraulic drive system with diesel or AC motor drive. The system is compact and can be a standalone unit or packaged in a building with other equipment.
• PLC controls with interlocks and diagnostic readouts at the driller’s console and hydraulic power unit.
• Hydraulic-actuated lower well control valve.
• Easy to handle, light and quick to rig-up guide rail mounted in the mast.

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