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Name: Used 2012 Nitrogen Unit
Code: 15192314
Type: Standard
Brand: TITAN
Category: Engines/Generators/Motors/Transmissions
subcategory: Generators, Nitrogen
Price: $298,000.00
Unit: Each
In Stock: Yes
Location: Houston, TX
Condition: Very Good

Used 2012 Nitrogen Unit
The Stewart & Stevenson WNT-181601 combines a 180 SCFH nitrogen vaporization and pumping system with a 600 HP fluid pumping system in a trailer-mounted package. The Stewart & Stevenson non-fired nitrogen system uses the engine (glycol/water) coolant system to pass heat from the engine and hydraulic system to the liquid nitrogen using a high-pressure heat exchanger. The fluid pumping system uses a diesel engine to drive a high-pressure piston pump through a transmission.

Used 2012 Nitrogen Unit for Sale
Performance Specifications


Maximum allowable working pressure 10,000 PSI 69.0 MPa

Maximum flow rate 3,000 SCFM 85.0 standard m3/min

Maximum liquid storage 2,038 gal 7.72 m3


Pump rating 600 HP 447 kW

Pump piston diameter 3.5” 89 mm

Maximum working pressure 10,250 PSI 70.0 MPa

Maximum fluid rate 320 gal/min 1200 l/minThe combination unit consists of:

– A heavy-duty trailer

– One control cabin

– Two diesel engines

– A hydraulic system

– One triplex nitrogen pump

– Vaporizer and heat exchangers

– One nitrogen boost pump

– One nitrogen storage tank

– One automatic transmission

– One triplex fluid pump

– Fluid boost and fill centrifugal pumps

– One fluid displacement/holding tank

– High and low pressure piping

– All necessary valves and controls for normal operation

To eliminate contamination between the two systems, the fluid and nitrogen systems have separate plug valves.

Approximate Dimensions

Length 44’ 6” 13.6 m

Width 8’ 6” 2.6 m

Height 13’ 5” 4.1 m

Weight† 73,500 lbs 33,350 kg

† – Nitrogen tank empty

The trailer is a tandem axle heavy-duty twin rail trailer with the following features:

– Stewart & Stevenson design

– T1 Construction

– Single drop, twin rail

– Tandem axle (spread axle required for bridge law)

– Air ride suspension

– ABS brakes, air type

– Mud flaps

– 2 speed landing legs

– Lights for highway use

– Front and rear fenders

– 24 volt electrical system

The unit is fully operational from this control cabin via mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic and

electrical controls. The cabin is approximately 6’ wide x 4’ deep x 6’-10” high and is lined and fully insulated. The cabin has one side-entry locking door, sliding side window and large windows in the front and rear.

The control cabin contains all necessary controls and gauges (a portion of the following engine gauges are in the electronic display module on the panel). The cabin is climate controlled.

Standard equipment includes:

– Air conditioning and heating unit

– Heavy duty rubber insulated floor, fire resistant

– Four work lights (two at the rear and two at the front)

– Interior lights

– Work light switch

– Air pressure gauge

– Air horn button

– Battery voltage

– Fuel gauge

Each engine has a control and monitoring section in the control console featuring:

– Engine start/stop

– Emergency kill

– Engine oil pressure gauge

– Engine water temperature gauge

– Engine tachometer

– Engine diagnostic request light

– Engine diagnostic connection

– Engine throttle

The nitrogen system is controlled and monitored from a dedicated control panel. The by-pass valve and the temper valve are accessible from inside the control cabin. The nitrogen system control and monitoring panel includes:

– Valve actuator controls

– Triplex pump charge pressure

– Triplex pump hydraulic pressure

– Triplex rate and total

– GN2 discharge pressure

– GN2 temperature

– Lube pump hydraulic pressure

– Triplex pump lube oil pressure

– Triplex pump lube oil temperature

– Boost pump hydraulic pressure

– Boost pump speed control

– Boost pump discharge pressure

– Triplex pump suction pressure

– Coolant pump hydraulic pressure

– Coolant pump discharge pressure

– Coolant system temperature

– Hydraulic oil temperature

– Heat builder hydraulic pressure

– Heat builder pressure adjustment control

The fluid pumping system is controlled and monitored from a dedicated control panel. The fluid pumping system control and monitoring panel includes:

– Transmission oil pressure

– Transmission oil temperature

– Transmission shifter

– Transmission lock-up pressure

– Lock-up indicator lamp

– PTO engage switch

– Triplex fluid rate and total

– Fluid discharge pressure

– Triplex lube oil pressure

– Triplex lube oil temperature

– Cent

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