Trailer Mounted Water Treatment System For Sale (OTSG Feedwater)


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ACES manufactures the FlexSteam family of products in our own facilities monitoring every step of the process. From steel to software, our team is dedicated to producing the most reliable and best operating systems in the industry. It’s our mission.

Trailer Mounted Water Treatment System (OTSG Feedwater) Technical Specifications

A trailer mounted water treatment skid to provide turnkey services to deliver 1,400 BBL/D of Boiler Feed Water for the Steam Generator to be injected into Company’s Cyclic Steam Stimulation Candidate Wells.

The FlexSteam™ water treatment system is designed to be the most advanced water treatment system on the market. It is designed for ease of setup and efficient daily operation. All components of the system are arranged for ease of service and maintenance. The trailer is designed so that operations can walk up the integrated stairs from either side and then walk unobstructed through the center of the equipment making maintenance and operations safer and easier to perform. A roof is provided to cover critical components providing shade for equipment and operators. The entire system has LED lighting for all equipment on trailer and perimeter lighting same as the FlexSteam generator.

The filters and softeners can be operated as individual alternating twins or alternating trains for maximum flexibility. The trains are split into “A” and “B” with each consisting of a media filter, primary softener and polishing softener.

ACES recommends using the fresh water source for economical operation. To reach a desirable run time of six hours or more, the water should be under 800 mg/l hardness.

The water softener skid components will connect to the steam generator control panel and air supply, while using Ethernet to communicate with the steam generator’s programmable logic controller (PLC) allowing for the softener to be run from the HMI touch screen on the steam generator control panel. The FlexSteam family of steam generator operating systems integrate for seamless and proven reliability and operation. Operators can control the entire system from the steam generator or from an office. Even ACES can operate and diagnose the system from Rose Hill KS if desired. The machines are equipped with wireless Ethernet and ACES can provide remote monitoring systems for data logging and recording. FlexSteam records any flame failure and stores up to 100 Honeywell alarms. The FlexSteam system is considered the most advanced system in the industry. Operators for Chevron in South America along with the Chevron quality team from Houston said our generator and water treatment system is the best generator and operating system they have operated in the industry.

ACES is an ISO 9001 manufacturer and was reviewed and approved by Chevron Quality Systems.

A. Major Equipment Approximate Specifications

(1) Trailer
• 8’ Wide x 26’ Long
• Approximate Weight empty 25,000lbs
(1) Brine Tank
• 74” Diameter, 64” Tall Polyethylene Vessel
• Includes Level Control and Brine Injection
(2) Raw Water Sediment Filter
• 30” Diameter, 54” Tall Carbon Steel Vessel
• 100 PSIG Maximum Working Pressure
• Washed Gravel Sub-Fill for Media Support
• 12ft3 Filtration Media
(2) Primary Water Softener
• 54” Diameter, 60” Tall Carbon Steel Vessel
• 100 PSIG Maximum Working Pressure
• Washed Gravel Sub-Fill for Media Support
• 50ft3 Softening Resin per Vessel (1,500,00 grains capacity per vessel)
(2) Polisher Water Softener
• 30” Diameter, 54” Tall Carbon Steel Vessel
• 100 PSIG Maximum Working Pressure
• Washed Gravel Sub-Fill for Media Support
• 10ft3 Softening Resin per Vessel (300,000 grains capacity per vessel)

ACES is ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Supported by a ASME Code Welding and Manufacturing Facilty.

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