Single-Wall Horizontal Above Ground Storage Tanks For Sale

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Single-Wall Horizontal Above Ground Storage Tanks For Sale

UL-142 listed single and double-wall tanks for flammable and combustible liquids from 120 to 35,000 gallons

• Double-Wall tanks to 20,000 gallons in single or two product configurations

• Turn-key fuel dispensing systems with minimal installation requirements

• Tanks on saddles with optional full-length skids for minimal site preparation

• Cone bottom and flat bottom vertical tanks to fit in a tank farm application

• Generator Nurse Tanks

• Vehicle fluid storage tank for antifreeze, transmission fluids, and lubricants

• Waste Oil Tanks and Sinks

• Epoxy coated interior available for water tank and liquid fertilizer applications

• Tank Stands for Gravity Fed Tanks

• Obround tanks in 220 gallon, 275 gallon and 330 gallon

240 3’2″W x 4’H x 4’L
300 3’2″W x 4’H x 5’L
340 3″10″W x 4’H x 4’L
420 3″10″W x 4’H x 5’L
520-10GA 3″10″W x 4’H x 6’L
520-12GA 3″10″W x 4’H x 6’L
675-10GA 3″10″W x 4’H x 8’L
675-12GA 3″10″W x 4’H x 8’L
750 3″10″W x 4’H x 9’L
1000-10GA 5’4″W x5’4″H x6’L
1000-12GA 5’4″W x 5’4″H x 6’L
1000-10GA 3″10″Wx3″10″H x12’L
1000-12GA 3″10″Wx3″10″H x12’L
1500 4’8″W x 4’8″H x 11’L
2000 6’4″W x 6’4″H x 9’L
2500 6’4″W x 6’4″H x 11’L
3000 6’4″W x 6’4″H x 13’L
3500 6’4″W x 6’4″H x 15’L
4000 6’4″W x 6’4″H x 17’L
5000 7’10″Wx7’10″Hx14’L
6000 7’8″W x 7’8″H x 18’L
10000 9’6″”W x 9’6″H x 19’L
12000 9’6″W x 9’6″H x 23’L
15000 9’6″W x 9’6″H x 29’L
20000 10’W x 10’H x 34’L

OVAL Style
275-14GA OVAL 27″Wx44″Hx 60″L
275-12GA OVAL 27″Wx44″Hx 60″L
220-14GA OVAL 27″Wx44″Hx48″L
220-12GA OVAL 27″Wx44″Hx48″L
330-14GA OVAL 27W X 44H X 72L
330-12GA OVAL 27W X 44H X 72L

Pumps and Hardware Available .