Remanufactured Arrow C-96


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Price is per unit and in USD. We completely dismantle our remanufactured engines. No 5 gallon overhauls here. Work is done to Arrow standards, and then some, by former Arrow employees.

Remanufactured Arrow C-96
Unit is built for OilPro and carries a one year warranty on parts and labour for block and head, and 3 months warranty on external components.
Engine specifications and features:
· 11-27 HP, Rated for 24.3 HP continuous duty (18.1 kW)
· Good for 225 ft-lbs of torque
· 300-600 RPM
· Electric starter
· Impco Carburetor
· Starfire Electronic ignition
· flywheel guard
· 12 Volt Ring Gear Start
· remote filter
· new style crankcase breather
· painted and detailed
· new style muffler
· 1 year warranty on block and head, 90 days on external components
· Unit weighs 2,580 Lbs
· 327 Cu. inch displacement
· 4.8:1 Compression ratio
· 2-1/4″ PTO shaft size
· 11 Qt oil capacity
· 18 MM spark plug
· 2 Qt water capacity
· 2-1/2″ exhaust connection
· 1/2″ Fuel gas pipe size.
· Full pressure lubrication
· Replacable full flow filter
· 10″ C110-HP3 clutch
· Operations, maintenance and troubleshooting manual included with each purchase

Includes polyethylene flywheel guard:
1. light weight, can be handled by one person
2. easy to remove for service by pulling 3 pins without need for tools
3. constantly protects field personnel
4. durable, all-temperature construction
5. Steel hinges for durable, long term service life.
6. accommodates both hand-crank and power starters
7. Bright yellow color reminds personnel of moving machinery under the cover
8. Protective cap to cover shaft easily installed after hand-start

Advantages : Continuous Duty
Arrow engines are designed for continuous duty 24 hours a day, day after day. Arrow’s heavy duty design features a heavy flywheel, a governor speed control, and a pressurized full flow lubrication system to assure continuous operation.

Oilfield Tough
Over 75,000 Arrow engines are powering pumping jacks in oilfields all over the world. Many of the original engines built in the 1940’s are still running today.

Gas Fueled
Arrow engines run on a variety of low BTU gases; natural gas, wellhead gas, methane, butane or propane. The single cylinder Arrow engines can also be equipped with a fuel lift pump and will operate on gasoline.
Economical Operation
Studies performed show operating costs for Arrow engines can be as low as half the cost for equivalent HP electric motors. Since every area is different, a detailed comparison specific to your costs is warranted.

Easy Maintenance
Arrow engines are designed for easy, quick field maintenance. The oil level can be checked and adjusted while the engine is running. Easy access enables replacing piston rings and wet cylinder sleeves in the field, and Arrow parts are interchangeable from the first model made.
Starfire Solid State Ignition Systems are standard for Single Cylinder engines.

Arrow Improvements:
Improvements to the Heavy-Duty C-Series Engines since May 1977 (most all are retrofitable to earlier models using current kits):
· Heavy steel fabricated sub-base
· Full flow oil system with spin-on filter
· Portable starter added to sub-base
· Bronze crankshaft gears for C-46 through C-106
· Arrow oil filler added to engine (ASP-1)
· O-ring modified rocker shaft plugs
· Reliable stainless steel braided oil lines
· Ball rod ends standard on all Arrow engine models
· Stainless steel water filler added as standard (ASP-3A)
· Vibration-free cross braced radiator shells
· Common muffler made standard on C-Series engines
· Lifting eyes added to facilitate engine handling
· Newly increased engine horsepower with Impco 100 and 200 carburetors %%%%
· All Arrow Engines are either electric 12-volt ring gear starting
· Instrument panel for starter switch, receptacle, oil pressure gauge and shut down
· Cylinder head accepts Impco carburetors without using cross flange adapter
· Improved ring gear starter mounting on new flywheel
· Added QD hub to flywheel for safety in de-mounting
· Latest trochoidal oil pumps standard
· Oil pressure bypass valve included in oil pump assembly
· Optional renewable oil filter available
· A wiring harness is used to combat weather hazards
· Starfire ignition is standard (C.D.I. for long life) and operates in the rain
· Redesigned breather system to improve crankcase ventilation and reduce emissions
· Solderless pressure condensing radiators with steel top tanks, bottom headers

These engines are made in such a way that you can count on us buying it back from you as a core when you’re done with it!
Typical fuel usage: Why are Arrow single cylinder engines so fuel efficient?
On oilwell pumping applications multi cylinder engines suffer a great disadvantage because they cannot be applied at, or even near, their full load power. Neither can multi cylinder engines be operated at a uniform rate of speed due to a lack of flywheel inertia. Hence the Arrow engines, properly applied, can always attain much better fuel economy than multi-c