NOV Emsco FB-1600 Triplex Mud Pump For Sale ( 2 available)


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NOV Emsco FB-1600 Triplex Mud Pump Specification

Manufacturer: NOV (National Oilwell Varco)
Model Number: Emsco FB-1600
Rated Power: 1600 HP
Mechanical Efficiency: 90%
Valve Pot: API-7
Maximum Speed: 120 RPM (at crankshaft)
Stroke Length: 12”
Gear Reduction Ratio: 4.31:1
Rated Rod Load: 130,000 LB
Pump Weight: 61,675 LB
Minimum Speed: 40 RPM (at crankshaft)
Maximum Fluid: 140° F

Standard NOV Emsco FB-1600 Triplex Mud Pump Includes:

Precision-machined Structural Steel Fabrication
Self-Aligning piston rod and clamps
Pressure: 7500 psi
Main Frame with access covers over crosshead area
And inspection doors on each side
Precision-machined forged steel/crankshaft
L shaped National fluid ends with Southwest quick change valve covers
Liners and Pistons
Polyurethane valves and seals

Working Procedure of NOV Emsco FB-1600 Triplex Mud Pump

The NOV triplex pumps have three cylinders with single acting. The pistons are moved back and pull in drilling mud through open intake valves. When the pistons are moved forward and the drilling fluid is pushed out through open discharge valves.
Advantages of NOV Emsco FB-1600 Triplex Mud Pump

NOV Emsco FB-1600 Triplex Mud Pumps have many advantages they weight 30% less than a duplex of equal horsepower or kilowatts. The lighter weight parts are easier to handle and therefore easier to maintain. The other advantages include;

They cost less to operate
They discharge mud more smoothly. That is, the triplex’s output does not surge as much as a duplex.
They are fluid end is more accessible
One of the more important advantages of triplex over duplex pumps, is that they can move large volumes of mud at the higher pressure is required for modern deep hole drilling.

NOV Emsco FB-1600 Triplex Mud Pump are gradually phasing out duplex units. In a triplex pump, the pistons discharge mud only when they move forward in the liner. Then, when they moved back they draw in mud on the same side of the piston. Because of this, they are also called “single acting.” Single acting triplex pumps, pump mud at a relatively high speeds. NOV Emsco FB-1600 Triplex Mud Pump has three pistons each moving in its own liner. It also has three intake valves and three discharge valves. It also has a pulsation dampener in the discharge line.