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Introducing a better way of removing moisture from natural gas and/or other gases.


The Glycol-Free Dehydrator Unit (GFDU) is a technology that improves efficiencies while reducing operating/servicing cost. The Glycol-Free Dehydrator Unit (GFDU) has no moving parts, requiring less maintenance and best of all no glycol. With a no glycol system your company moves forward with a more environmentally friendly system of gas dehydration along with real cost savings.

Current natural gas dehydration systems:
1. Utilize a 50-year-old outdated technology.
2. Release harmful BTEX emissions (benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and xylene).
3. Vent billions of cubic feet of carbon and methane.
4. Require extensive maintenance and chemicals.

The GFD is a revolutionary system that will change the way natural gas is dehydrated. It utilizes the energy from the pressure of natural gas to remove liquids and can be:
1. Customized
2. Scaled
3. Installed in series or parallel.
Installed at the wellhead, plants, or gathering systems.

Our technology completely eliminates the use of Glycol in the natural gas dehydration process. The GFDU:
1. Uses no harmful chemicals and emits no greenhouse gases.
2. Requires no moving parts, extending its operational life.
3. Brings a significant reduction in maintenance costs.

Supersonic Separation – Removal of liquids in gas by cooling using isentropic pressure reduction at supersonic velocities coupled with cyclonic separation.
The process employs supersonic separation using proprietary media and internal vessel geometry allowing:
1. High gas volume
2. Low production cost
3. Redundant media flow paths
Pre-treater with built-in liquid “knock-out” section and second media-filled section for initial process liquid separation.

GFDU units in series to further separate liquid

March 20, 2023 12:48 pm

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