Glycol Dehydration System For Sale

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Glycol Dehydration System For Sale

Gas Volume: 4.00 MMscf/Day Max Gas Temp: 110 deg F
Pipeline Pressure: 900 psig Outlet Dewpoint: 7#/MMscf
Inlet Dewpoint: Saturated (Assumed)

ITEM I: Glycol Dehydration System

One (1) 99560200 Glycol Reconcentrator complete with:
One (1) 18” x 4’-4” Glycol Reboiler Rated for 200MBTU/Hr with a 6” x 5’-8” Firetube
One (1) 18” x 3’-6” Integral Surge Tank
6” Still Column Packed with 1” Ceramic Saddles
One (1) Kimray 9015PV Glycol Energy Exchange Pump
One (1) 1S1C-2000T Sock Filter Housing
One (1) 175MBTU/Hr Heat Exchanger
Approximate Shipping Weight: 2300#

One (1) 99500168 16”x23’-6”x8-Trayx1440 psig WP Glycol Contact Tower Complete with:
External Gas/Glycol Heat Exchanger
Integral Scrubber Section
2” 600# RF Gas Inlet/Outlet Connections
ASME Code Construction
All Associated Accessories
Approximate Shipping Weight: 4800#

ITEM II: Glycol After-Scrubber

One (1) 99500002 16”x5’x1440 psig Max WP Two Phase Vertical Separator complete with:
2” NPT Gas Inlet/Outlet
1” NPT Relief Valve Connection
4” Hammer Union Level Control Connection
½” NPT Pressure Gauge Connection
2” NPT Liquid Outlet
2” NPT Liquid Manual Drain
Two (2) ¾” NPT Gauge Glass Connections
½” NPT Supply Gas Connection
Unit Built to ASME Specification and Stamped with Working Pressure
Includes All Associated Accessories
Approximate Shipping Weight: 1500#

ITEM III: Inlet Filter Separator

One (1) 99501010 10-3/4” Mist Trap Filter
1440# Design Pressure
Built to ASME Code Spec and Stamped
3” 600# RF Gas Inlet/Outlet
Two (2) 1” NPT Liquid Outlet Connections
Two (2) 2” Level Control Connections
Two (2) ½” NPT Differential Pressure Gauge Connections
One (1) 1” Relief Valve Connection
Two (2) 2” NPT Bulls Eye Gauge Glass Connection
One (1) ½” NPT Pressure Gauge Connection
Approximate Shipping Weight: 700#
All Accessories Included