“CSG PATCH IN LINER HNGR 4.5” / Type: Casing Patch in Liner Hanger Assembly


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1. Item # 1000760113 “CSG PATCH IN LINER HNGR 4.5” Technical Specifica-ons:
• Type: Casing Patch in Liner Hanger Assembly
• Diameter Compa-bility: 4.5 inches
• Weight: 12.6 pounds per foot (12.6LB/FT)
• Manufacturer: Baker Hughes
The “CSG PATCH IN LINER HNGR 4.5” refers to a casing patch specifically designed for use in a liner hanger assembly. Here’s a breakdown of the technical specifica-ons provided:
Type: Casing Patch in Liner Hanger Assembly – This indicates that the patch is intended to be used within a liner hanger assembly, which is a component used in oil and gas wells to suspend and seal the liner or casing in the wellbore.
Diameter Compa-bility: 4.5 inches – This indicates the diameter of the casing patch, meaning it is compa-ble with wellbores that have a diameter of 4.5 inches.
Weight: 12.6 pounds per foot (12.6LB/FT) – This refers to the weight of the casing patch per linear foot. It’s crucial for ensuring the patch is properly deployed and anchored in the wellbore. Manufacturer: Baker Hughes – This specifies the company that manufactures the casing patch. Now, let’s discuss what casing patches in liner hanger assemblies are used for:
Casing patches are used in oil and gas wells for a variety of purposes, primarily related to repairing defects or damage in the casing, ensuring well integrity, and enhancing wellbore stability. Here are some common applica-ons:
Repairing Casing Damage: If there are holes, leaks, or other damage in the casing, casing patches can be deployed to seal these areas, preven-ng fluid migra-on or loss.
Reinforcing Weak Sec-ons: In some cases, certain sec-ons of the casing may be weaker due to corrosion or other factors. Casing patches can be used to reinforce these weak sec-ons, preven-ng collapse or failure.
Isola-ng Zones: Casing patches can also be used to isolate specific zones in the wellbore, par-cularly in situa-ons where there are mul-ple reservoirs or forma-ons that need to be treated or managed separately.
Enhancing Wellbore Stability: By providing addi-onal support and reinforcement to the casing, casing patches can help improve the stability of the wellbore, reducing the risk of wellbore collapse or other structural issues.
Overall, casing patches play a cri-cal role in maintaining the integrity and func-onality of oil and gas wells, ensuring safe and efficient opera-ons in the field.

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