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Price is per each unit and in USD.Engines are available Exw. Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. Will assist with shipping.

Remanufactured Arrow C-46 Motor.
5-9 HP 81 ft-lbs of torque @ 450-800 rpm

Unit includes:
· 4 Cycle Natural Gas Engine
· 12 VDC Electric starter (Hand crank also provided)
· Impco Carburetor
· Starfire 600 Electronic ignition
· ShearerGuard; Front and Rear Flywheel Guard
· 10 inch Clutch
· Oil Bath Air Cleaner
· Engine Base With Start Bracket
· new style crankcase breather
· Full Flow Oil Filter
· Radalume Grommetized Pressure Condensing Cooling System
· Heavy Duty Plate Style 10” Clutch
· Oil Level Gauge
· Safety Switches – Low Oil Pressure, Low Water Level
· Muffler
· Oil Bath Air Cleaner
· Oil pump checked for tolerances
· 1 year warranty on block and head, 90 days on external components
· 6 month parts and labour warranty
· Ex-works Edmonton, AB
Also included:
– Oil and Anti-Freeze
– Oil Drain Valve
– Full Pre-Delivery Dynamometer Test.
Options available:
1. Single Fuel Source 2 stage 6″ Volume tank c.w. Fisher Regulator, Relief Valve and hose $ 1,395.-
2. Dual Fuel Source 2 stage 6″ Volume tank c.w. Fisher Regulator, Relief Valve and hose $ 1,995.-
3. Dual Fuel Source 2 stage 10″ Volume tank c.w. Fisher Regulator, Relief Valve and hose $ 1,995.-

The Arrow Natural Gas Prime Mover C-Series industrial engine features an industrial grade wet sleeve design.
The C-Series line of engines is popular both in gas compression and power generation, and is developed supported by Arrow Engine Company. Arrow provides its proven (50+ years), rugged, long-lasting oilfield engines for prime mover applications.
Parts are readily available in Canada and the USA, and usually available from stock.
Arrow’s wide acceptance in the petroleum industry makes repairs and parts availability better than any brand available.

Standard Arrow Engine Features:
· Heavy steel fabricated sub-base
· Full flow oil system with spin-on filter
· A mounting pin for Arrow 990
· Portable starter added to sub-base
· Bronze crankshaft gears for C-46 through C-106
· Arrow oil filler added to engine (ASP-1)
· O-ring modified rocker shaft plugs
· Reliable stainless steel braided oil lines
· Ball rod ends standard on all Arrow engine models
· Stainless steel water filler added as standard (ASP-3A)
· Vibration-free cross braced radiator shells
· Common muffler made standard on C-Series engines
· Lifting eyes added to facilitate engine handling
· Newly increased engine horsepower with the change to Impco 100 and 200 carburetors
· All Arrow Engines are either electric 12-volt ring gear starting or blow down air-gas starting systems
· Added instrument panel to house starter switch, cannon receptacle, oil pressure gauge and shut-down
· Cylinder heads modified to accept Impco carburetors without using cross flange adapter
· Improved ring gear starter mounting on new flywheel (eliminated separate ring gear carrier)
· Added QD hub to flywheel for safety in de-mounting
· Latest trochoidal oil pumps standard
· Oil pressure bypass valve included in oil pump assembly
· Wiring harness is used to improve weather resistance
· Optional cover for Arrow electric starter motor available (prevents water from damaging starter motor)
· Starfire ignition is standard (C.D.I. for long life) and operates in the rain
· Redesigned breather system to improve crankcase ventilation and reduce emissions of crankcase vapors into the atmosphere (244BC)
· Solderless pressure condensing radiators with steel top tanks, bottom headers and replaceable cores made standard on C-46 through C-106 – optional on C-255