2009 S&S Nitrogen Combo Unit | 58644120


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2009 S&S Nitrogen Combo Unit | 58644120

Name: 2009 S&S Nitrogen Combo Unit
Code: 58644120
Type: Standard
Brand: S and S
Category: Engines/Generators/Motors/Transmissions
subcategory: Generators, Nitrogen
Price: $345,000.00
Unit: Each
In Stock: Yes
Location: Houston, TX
Condition: Very Good

2009 S&S Nitrogen Combo Unit
Nitrogen is used in a wide range of industries to improve yields, optimize performance and make operations safer. Foods, chemicals and even priceless documents are sometimes stored in nitrogen to keep them from oxidizing or reacting with air or water.

In liquid form, nitrogen is ideal for cooling, cryopreservation, blanketing applications and stable freezing, not to mention rendering highly reactive substances inert.

2009 S&S Nitrogen Combo Unit for Sale
Major benefits of nitrogen:
• Non-flammable
• Low boiling point
• Non-toxic
• Can be used in liquid and gas form

Nitrogen mHow NSA Nitrogen Generators Workakes up 79% of the air we breathe, so there is an unlimited source right at your fingertips waiting to be tapped to save you 80% to 90% of your current annual nitrogen costs. A Pressure Swing Adsorption Nitrogen Generator simply separates the nitrogen molecules out of your compressed air stream to a usable purity, flow and pressure, based on your required specification. Unlike other nitrogen separation technologies, PSA nitrogen generators give you the ability to achieve extremely high purities to 99.9995% or 5 PPM. The PSA process is a physical process and uses no chemicals, therefore the annual consumables costs are extremely low. PSA nitrogen generators also put very little strain on the equipment and filter media so units often last 20+ years with very little maintenance costs. It is not uncommon for a PSA nitrogen generator to exceed 40,000 hours of service.

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