20,000 MSCF/D Randall Cryogenic Gas Plant For Sale


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20,000 MSCF/D Randall Cryogenic Gas Plant For Sale

• This Plant will operate in Recovery or Rejection mode with excellent recovery percentages depending on operational preference. The operation mode can be changed without shutting the facility down.

• The Plant has a Mafi Trench Expander with a spare center section.

• Plant inlet pressures require 600 psig minimum and 800 psig maximum.

• The Plant requires 7lb/MMSCF water content upstream of the Mole Seive Beds.

• Plant was removed from service in November 2021.

• Re-compression can be purchased in conjunction with the plant.

• Due to the modular skid compact design of this facility, it can be re-located and installed in a minimum amount of time, depending on the location.

Expander Compressor Assembly:
• Mafi Trench Expander Compressor assembly EC-12.01. In general, a complete Expander / Compressor Assembly.
• Spare Expander / Compressor Center Section.
Heat Exchangers:
• Regin Gas Heater HT-14.01
• Gas-Gas Exchanger HE-15.01
• Demethanizer Side Reboiler HE-15.02
• Demethanizer Side Reboiler HE-15.03 (w/15.02)
• Product Heater HE-15.04
• Demethanizer Bottom Reboiler HE-15.05
Compressors / Drivers:
• Two (2) Quency Instrument Air Compressors CM-11.501/.502 assemblies. Also includes a building to house these units.
• 1-G399TA Caterpillar re- compressor Single Stage CM-11.01
Process Vessels:
• Dehydrators PV-16.02 A/B
• Regeneration Gas Scrubber PV-16.03
• Demethanizer PV-16.05
• Product Surge Tank PV-16.06
• Cold Separator 16.08 (w/PV-16.05)
• Expander Lube Oil Tank 16.401
• Seal Gas Lube Oil Knockout PV-16.402 A&B

Pumps and Drivers:
• Product Pumps Suction Dampener & Discharge DampenerPM-17.01/ .02
• Expander Lube Oil Pumps PM-17.401/ .402
Air Coolers:
• Regeneration Gas Cooler AC-19.01
• Booster-Compressor Discharge Cooler AC-19.02
• Expander Lube Oil Cooler AC-19.401
• Reside Gas Cooler AC-01.01
Filter and Coalescers:
• Inlet Filter Separator FC-21.01
• Dust Filter FC-21.01 A/B
• Regeneration Gas Lube Oil Filter Knockout FC-21.03
• Expander Lube Oil Filter FC-21.401
• Expander Lube Oil Final Filter FC-21.402
• Seal Gas Filter FC-21.403
Dehydration Units:
• Instrument Air Dryer DU-22.501
• Instrument Air Prefilter FC-21.501
• Instrument Air Afterfilter FC-21.502
• Plant UPS system
• Plant MCC System
• Light poles and lights