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SurgiTech NitroDyne Service

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Stimulate marginal well production and produce an immediate Return on Investment.

Using SurgiTech’s Nitro-Dyne® hot gas generation units, a well is first cleaned at the perforations using our annular surging technique then the right cocktail of green and conventional chemicals can be delivered deep into the pore space to address paraffin, scale, bacteria and other issues which are inhibiting oil & gas flow.

Our Nitro-Dyne® process can be used for the following:

Well Clean Out: Completely cleaning wellbore and rat hole and gas lifting debris to surface.

Well Stimulation: Using our hot, CO2/N2 gas combined with a plant-based solvent vapor.

Hot Oil Replacement: Repair damage in Near & Extended Wellbore without using oil.

Paraffin Treatments: Remove paraffin outside the wellbore.

Paraffin Cleanouts: Clean wellbore, tubing, flow lines & tank.

Clean Pipelines: Use either as an oxygen-free gas for hot work or use to “steam clean” without steam.

Clean Tank Bottoms: Clean production tanks quickly and economically.

Amazing technologies that produce sustained production rates.

The Nitro-Dyne process uses a combination of hot, miscible gas and a plant-based bio-solvent/surfactant to clean wells and then stimulate production. What really differentiates SurgiTech’s Nitro-Dyne process is our ability to deliver the service to the well site with a truck-mounted gas generation plant. There is no longer a need to install expensive pipelines and infrastructure in order to stimulate oil production. By providing this mobile solution, we are able to bring EOR to the smaller stripper well operators that employ hundreds of thousands of men and woman across the industry.

Hot Oiling Without The Oil

Hot oiling is the lifeblood of wells in many depleted reservoirs. When reservoir pressure and temperature drops, oil may drop below its cloud point and exhibit paraffin deposition. Asphaltene buildup can also become a problem over time. Hot oiling in the best circumstances can remove paraffin deposits but does nothing to remove the asphaltene’s. In the worst case, the hot oil only partially liquefies the paraffin deposits and the hydrostatic head of the oil column, pushes partially melted wax into the pore space where it solidifies and plugs up the well once it has cooled. Hot oiling also uses an expensive resource and the heating process itself will flash off the lighter oil so that it is lost forever.

The Nitro-Dyne process, on the other hand, circulates a hot, CO2/N2 mixture combined with a plant-based bio-solvent/surfactant. The gas mixture can be heated to over 400F and pumped at a high enough velocity that liquefied paraffin is gas lifted to the surface along with any other wellbore debris like sand, scale, and rust. The gas mixture is created onsite from compressed air and the plant-based solvent that is used, will dissolve asphaltene deposits in addition to paraffin and leave a silicone-like, ester coating on any wellbore tubulars which inhibits future buildups and blockages.

Steam Cleaning The Pore Space Without Water

Some formations are highly reactive to water which can cause clays to swell and reduce permeability. In the Nitro-Dyne process, we take a citrus based liquid and use the heat from our reactor to put the bio-solvent into a vapor state. A vapor will contact the entire wellbore while a liquid application will drop to the bottom of the well and only treat the lower zone(s). A vapor also has significantly lower viscosity than treatment fluids like xylene or mineral spirits.

Using our CO2/N2 gas as a carrier, we are able to first surge debris out of the near wellbore pore space by quickly building pressure then releasing. Pressure will build up in the first few feet of rock and then rapidly be expelled which will carry plugging material back to the wellbore. Once the surging process is complete, the gas/solvent vapor mixture is pumped into the pore space where the solvent and surfactant strips oil from the pore space and leaves a slick ester coating.

The injected volume will vary from well to well but 150,000 sqft or more of treatment gas may be injected which carries the bio-solvent deep into the reservoir where it interacts with the oil and inhibits paraffin deposition. This hot, waterless treatment process can reduce skin damage and keep wells flowing for many months before re-treatment is necessary. We are using an organic solvent instead of steam so the process should not cause clay swelling and other issues associated with steam injection.

One major advantage of our technique is that unlike steam which turns to water when it cools and retains no pressure, our gas/solvent combination leaves nitrogen in the pore space which provides the pressure needed to move the newly thinned oil to the pump.

These units are designed to provide a hot, inert gas mixture at up to 650cfm and 500psi. Gas temperature can be varied from 2


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