Fully Custom Enclosed Trailer Mounted Safety/Cooling/Meeting Unit


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We also have 2 other identical safety/cooling/meeting trailers. Information on those will be the exact same and further details on those will be available per request.

*Diesel Generator
*Chemical Shower with 425 Gallon capacity
*Eye wash station
*First Aid Cabinet
*OSHA Safety Placards
*PPE (Hard Hats, Gloves, Hearing Protection, and Safety Glasses) *Gurney Board
*10′ Workstation (may double as an emergency secondary trauma staging area) *Double A/C Units & Heaters
*Diesel Generator (with 100 gallons of diesel capacity) *ABC Fire Extinguisher

This is a service offered to clients to decrease their exposure to liability while increasing their levels of performance and offering a plan to minimize the effects of incidents.
These trailers are customized to suit any needs while aiding in compliance to section 5(a)(1) of the
OSHA Act. The service enables an employer to show their employees, insurance companies, and OSHA that they are committed to their well-being. All these trailers are self-contained, completely enclosed, and the trailers are fully insulated.
The Gooseneck version of these trailers measure approximately 8′ tall x 38′ long and will accommodate up to 30 people or serve as a muster point. These units are equipped with State of the Art AED, eye wash station, trauma bag, first aid kit, OSHA safety placards, PPE, gurney board, workstation, and chemical showers. However, all these trailers can be customized to meet each customer’s specific requirements.
The revenue stream can come from four different structures: 1). Day Rental 2). Short-Term Leasing 3). Long-Term Leasing and 4). Outright Sale
The listed items were designed, custom built, and prepped to be an additional service through an existing company in Midland, Texas. Ultimately the deal fell through due to the limited time/personnel and focus in other areas at the said existed company. Much work went into the design and build; however, the safety trailers were never utilized. Still in great condition the (3) trailers are all but ready to be rented/sold/utilized to their full potential.
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