Oil Extraction Process to Help Get More Crude Oil

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Oil extraction process to help get more crude oil

EPRS Energy Co. Inc. has developed a petroleum modification technology with important applications to enhanced oil recovery (EOR) and refining. The EPARS process can chemically modify (crack or polymerize) petroleum at room temperature and atmospheric pressure without expensive catalysts or reactors.

When used in the field to stimulate depleted or slowly producing wells, the process has been highly cost effective, compared to the most economical of the other enhanced recovery technologies. One well, which normally produced less than 20 barrels of crude oil per day, produced more than 40 barrels of crude oil per day in a three day period after treatment. Minimal capital investment is required at the site.
As a well stimulant, the EPARS process generates gas drive within the oil- bearing formation, without the use of external mechanical, gas or thermal energy drives. Wellhead pressures exceeding 1000 psi have been generated. Remote wells as distant as 1/2 mile have been stimulated. Early results Indicate potential use of the chemicals as fracturing material.

The EPARS process can also lighten heavy oil, and future work may show that it provides an economically attractive method of recovering or refining heavy crude. Since lighter fractions can be created from heavier components, the chemical process may be useful as a low temperature refining or cracking method. Other potential applications are recovery of oil from tar sands, liquefaction of natural gas, conversion or recovery of hydrocarbons from coal or oil shale, or use as a fracturing chemical.