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NanoSLICK® 5800 is an environmentally safe, yet functional replacement for traditional surfactants and corrosion inhibitors commonly used in oilfield treatments. It is non-regulated by US DOT, and carries a 1,0,0,2 Safe-T-Data Rating. NanoSLICK® 5800 is liquid suspension of nano-particles which when exposed to hydrocarbon bearing formations, dramatically improves flow characteristics and releases trapped hydrocarbons. By destabilizing the weak hydrogen bonding between the formation and any associated hydrocarbons, NanoSLICK® 5800 modifies the rock wettability, allowing hydrocarbons to be released from the pore space with greater efficiency.

In addition to increasing hydrocarbon production, NanoSLICK® 5800 particles will attach to wellbore tubulars where they create a polymeric barrier which protects surfaces from corrosion. In adhering to the walls of the formation pores and releasing the oil that bacteria feed on, the product has a measurable impact on reducing dangerous H2S concentrations in wells.

Features & Benefits
• Considered Non-Hazardous
• Non-Toxic
• Inorganic (no toxic metals or salts)
• Non-Fuming
• Degrades to silica (beach sand)
• Improves hydrocarbon production rates
• Reduces H2S levels
• Reduces wellbore tubular corrosion
• Optimal performance in fracs, re-fracs, SWD wells, injection wells and oil & gas producers
• Acts like a surfactant but isn’t
• Reduces accumulations of Paraffin, Asphaltenes and Scale
• Reduces Microbial Influenced Corrosion
• Increases SWD injection rates
• Contains a powerful clay stabilizer for use in reactive clays

NanoSLICK® Is/Isn’t
• NanoSLICK® 5800 isn’t a surfactant but has surfactant like properties through it’s nano-particles modifying rock wettability
• The product isn’t a biocide but will disrupt bacteria’s ability to reproduce by coating surfaces and food sources with a microscopic silica barrier
• The product does act as a corrosion inhibitor by coating metals with a silica barrier which prevents metals from interacting with the chemistry in the water phase. It’s like coating the casing, tubing and rods in a layer of glass.
• NanoSLICK WaterGlass® acts as a metal chelation agent by forming a covalent bond with most polyvalent metal ions, rendering them insoluble where they can drop out or be filtered out.

NanoSLICK® 5800 is blended at different reactivity levels depending on the specific application. The most common concentration is 5800 ppm which is used for oil & gas well, production enhancement. Ideally the product will be batched into the annulus of a well after skin damage has been remediated by SurgiTech’s NitroDyne process. Once the wellbore and near-wellbore is clean of paraffin and scale, the NanoSLICK® product can be squeezed deep into the pore space using SurgiTech’s gas squeeze process.
This technique eliminates the need to use brine to push the product through the pore space. Salts and metals in produced brine will inhibit the product’s activity level, which reduces it’s efficiency.

High-Efficiency Delivery Method
NanoSLICK® 5800 can be used in traditional stimulation methods, such as fracs or squeezes, but is tailored for ultra-deep placement using SurgiTech’s Nitro-Dyne® gas delivery process. Using the Nitro-Dyne® process, NanoSLICK® 5800 is converted from a liquid to a fog of 30 micron droplets which are then carried down-hole using our high-velocity, hot, inert treatment gas. The treatment gas is injected at 2-3 times the velocity of typical frac rates and carries NanoSLICK® 5800 to the rock face where the resulting low-viscosity gas and water glass mixture can more easily penetrate the pore space. The other delivery option is SurgiTech’s “Gas Squeeze” technique where the product is introduced to the annulus as with a typical backside squeeze, then the NitroDyne unit is used to squeeze the product using a high pressure N2/CO2 mixture. This process minimizes the amount of water put into the pore space and assists with unloading the well after the treatment.

These ultra-deep placement techniques typically results in NanoSLICK® 5800 reacting with much more virgin rock than traditional treatments. The interesting attribute of NanoSLICK® 5800 is that as long as there are unreacted particles in the suspension, they will keep moving back through the pore space, trying to bond with unreacted rock. So, even when the base fluid stops moving, the nano particles will continue to migrate deeper into the formation, dramatically increasing the amount of treated pore volume.

Stats From a 11,700ft well in Lea County NM that we treated in March.

Total fluid production is up 450%. Oil up 41% over workover target of 5 bopd. Gas today was at 19mcfd which is where the rate was in August of 1998. Well was first cleaned using a pressure oscillation tool to address scale, then acidized using our EcoSyn acid followed by 165 bbls of NanoSLICK 2900 and a 7 day soak. I expect the oil volume to increase further as the water comes off. Great fluid influx. We had 60 ft of fill in the rathole after running the oscillation tool on a cleaning run.

Also have data just back from 2 Navarro Sand wells near Rockdale. Oil production for April was up 325-500%. Wells went from 1.0-1.5bopd to just a hair under 5 bopd. One made 146bbls and the other 147 bbls.

November 16, 2022 12:48 am

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