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Vapor Recovery Compression Unit for the submitted conditions and will provide the following.

Requested conditions
P1 2-6 Ounces
P2 60 psig
Q Unknown, Tank Battery Consists Of (5) 210 BBL Tanks Assumed To Be Connected To Each Other
BTU 1170
Elevation 1000ft ASL
Driver Electric Motor

The quoted package will consist of a Quincy QRNG Compressor packaged with a 10 hp 208/230-480 volt TEFC electric motor. Full control panel is included for operation of the unit as well as protection of the motor and compressor. Operation will function with the option to both start and stop the motor as conditions require or to select the option to load and unload the compressor. The safety protection included is for loss of compressor oil pressure and motor overload.

The motor will start on high tank pressure and stop on low tank pressure or, load the compressor on high tank pressure and unload on low tank pressure. In the event of high discharge pressure the compressor will stop or unload and restart or load when the discharge pressure drops. In the event of loss of oil pressure on the compressor the unit will shut down and will remain off until the problem is addressed and restart initiated by the operator. The motor overload protection is built onto the across the line motor starter included in the control panel.

The unit is designed to pull the accumulated gas pressure from the fluid storage tanks and compress the gas into the gas sales line. The gas on the suction side of the compressor will pass through an onboard coalescing filter to help filter any moisture and dirt before it contaminates the compressor. Because the gas being compressed is relatively low BTU and the final discharge is somewhat low at 60 psig the gas should remain in a vapor state throughout the compression process. This will eliminate the need for any special treatment of the gas on the discharge side of the compressor.

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