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Street5694 Mission Center STE 862
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Name: POSEIDON; (EX- Arctic Challenger)

Length overall: 316’ 6”;

Width (Beam): 104’ 9”

Depth: 20’

Load Line: 15’ 6”

Lightship weight: 5,567.62 L tons.

ITC Gross: 8,008 ITC Net: 2,402

Official ID No: 574043. IMO: 8640416

ABS Classification: No. 7609681

Dry dock Hull Maintenance on November-December 2014. Vancouver Dry Dock Company Ltd.

Location: 60 miles South of San Diego CA, USA

*Onboard equipment*:

Living quarters for 72 people (certify for the Arctic). Living quarters is the block on the stern part of the barge (see photos).

CAT Gen-sets (5); 4.5 MW never used

Two Sparrow Marine cranes; 80 and 40 t each.

ROV, QXP25; 3000 m; hydraulic winch, umbilical (500 m), LARS and $250,
000.0 spare ROV parts

Mooring Anchor System; 4 winches, 2 anchors each, total 8 anchors, 100 ton each.

Offshore well intervention system. Separates crude o

Poseidon is an ABS Coast Guard certified barge, US flag and approved to operate as Ice Breaker in Alaska under ✠A1. It can also operate in less demanding sea conditions.

Designed and build by SUPERIOR ENERGY, a company based in Houston Tex., USA, with SHELL to be part of a project to explore for gas and oil in Alaska´s North slope. Obama administration cancel the possibility to explore/exploit gas & oil offshore in Alaska and the barge was sold to Engineering Systems Inc., a company based in San Diego CA, USA.
*The barge was never used, all equipment is brand new. *You are welcome to inspect it in port El Sauzal BC, Mexico.

*Visit the site hosted by API TEC. (contact attached):


*user name : arctic-challenger*

*password: apiteq14atc091214*

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The barge can be used as:

*Floating Processing Offloading unit (FPO);* working as a barge couple with a tanker to add storage capacity.

*As a Support to offshore oil/gas operation*. The barge has quarters for 72 people (certify), 4.5 MW electric generation, ROV for 3000 meters, etc.

*Quick response System. * The system is the only existing “offset”
deployment source control method, enabling vessel separation from source for shelf response. This equipment has been successfully proven in regulator attended exercises in 2013, 2014 & 2015. Water Run Test performed in 2014 successfully confirmed intake from Containment Dome pumps through the process facilities. Commissioning finalized in 2015 enabling the first US offshore Arctic drilling program.

October 4, 2020 8:48 pm

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